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Maharashtra Reading Day 2020

Books. For others these may just be a compilation of printed papers. But books are a lot more than that. Books are important to our lives. Hopefully most of you must have read quite a few books. 
And yes Congrats! You may not know but you're benefiting a lot from reading. Whohooo!!~ Reading can give you the power to read the minds of other people. You don't believe me? Well you should. There was a study published in the journal SCIENCE suggesting that enjoying literature might help you strengthen your mind reading abilities. Why is reading important?~ It is important because it is a habit that can make you a better person. Biographies of great men and women tell us that most of them became great because of the inspiration they got from reading books especially during their childhood days.This day is observed every year on 15th October as it is the birth anniversary of our late Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam who strongly advocated ‘reading’ more as a necessity rather than just a mere h…

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